A little about Persian breed and standards...

We love Persians! Not only for gorgeous looks, but also for their awesome temperament. If You would like to add a Persian kitten to Your family, You might find this information useful:

Persian – The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc (cfa.org) 

Persian Breed Standard – The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc (cfa.org)  

Himalayan Cat Breed Profile - Cat-World 

Bringing Your new baby home...

Our babies are special! They deserve all the extra care and attention! To make the process of adoption into the best experience for Your family and Your new Furr Baby, we recommend this article:

How to Bring a New Cat or Kitten Home: 13 Steps (with Pictures) (wikihow.com)

Introducing a new kitten to older cat or dog can be challenging... It's easier to do it the right way from the beginning!

Introducing Your New Cat to Your Other Pets - Dumb Friends League : Dumb Friends League (ddfl.org) 

Persian kitten/cat care guide

If You never owned Persian before (and even if You did), here are some care tips You might find helpful.

Persian Kitten Care Guide | Persian Cat Corner  

Our Care Kit

Our care package includes:

-standard size litter box and scoop

-the sample of the litter, we currently use (it is in zip lock bag, because it is scooped from litterbox babies use in the cattery - to make sure they have no doubts where to go)

-a little booklet from Purina with basic questions asked (remember that You can always text or call with any questions) including 5$ coupon for Kitten food

- bag of Purina ProPlan Kitten food and couple of cans Fancy Feast,

- water and food bowls,

- claw scratcher and few toys,

We will be adding baby blankets with scent of littermates and mom to soothe Your baby or to use for introduction to Your other pets and couple of irresistible treats (so You can start it on the good note)

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