Our Team

At NC Persians  we are trying to breed to the standard. Also, we love ALL PERSIAN CATS, we have decided to concentrate on chocolate and lilac colors, solids and himalayans. Of course, all of our cats are FeLV, FIV and PKD negative. Health comes first!

Dream Maker

solid lilac persian male, CPC

Handsome Amethyst

chocolate lynx point himalayan male, dilute carrier

Marquis KusKus

solid chocolate persian male, CPC

TDJ'S Hope lynx

tortie lynx point himalayan female

Catsy Cline

chocolate point himalayan female

Tiger by the Tail

tortie point himalayan female

chocolate and dilute carrier

Sassy Dream

seal lynx point himalayan female

chocolate and dilute carrier

Crazy Lady

chocolate point himalayan female

Fancy Dream

blue cream persian female

chocolate carrier

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Email: n.zhul@earthlink.net

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